There is something wonderfully exciting that can happen when you remove yourself from familiarity. Sure, the traditional classroom setting has its place, but I think more often than not, 4 concrete walls and a whiteboard can stifle creative thinking. To think creatively, one ought to place themselves within creativity. Located in the Northloop of Minneapolis, the TwinSoT warehouse can offer a unique setting for theological inquiry that a traditional classroom simply cannot. I’ve been studying theology for 6+ years and I finally feel as though I found my groove at the TwinSoT warehouse.
— [Brianna Millett - Photographer and M.A. student in Public and Missional Theology]


"There’s something really powerful about bringing traditional Seminary activities to a very non-traditional setting. Theology in a thriving warehouse in the city! The different feel speaks to the scope and relevance of Biblical Theology for the city. Add the students' very different backgrounds in class and you have a powerful environment for learning and formation.”  [John Mendesh, General Mills employee and student]